June 3-29th 2019 | 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher Training & Mentorship in Berlin


Flow Mindful Yoga

Deepen your personal practice and become fluent in guiding others through flowing sequences that celebrate and nourish your student's individual and collective needs.

You will develop your unique voice and teaching gifts, while learning the art of facilitating safe, creative vinyasa flow and restorative practices, that touch the hearts of students from diverse populations.

Inspired Anatomy

Our course is grounded in mindfulness, and features an inspired approach to functional anatomy and alignment-orientated asana practices. 

You will graduate with a solid understanding of anatomy and biomechanics of the human body. You will feel confident skillfully weaving this knowledge into purposeful, inspiring classes. 

Mindfulness & Yoga Philosphy 

Aligning body, heart and mind is at the center of yogic philosphy, which is why we place such value on the philisophical and meditative aspects of the practice.

You will learn mindfulness meditation, pranayama, and philosophy while exploring the roots and modern interpretation of one of the world's oldest wisdom traditions.

Facilitated by long time collaborators Rebecca Halls, Phoebe Kiddo and Lisa Milloy, this training is a cumulation of thousands of hours of study, decades of teaching experience and specialisation in fields of yoga, anatomy, movement practices and mindfulness meditation. It is created to bring a completely fresh approach to yoga teaching that is relevant to the needs of today’s society, while staying true to the ancient roots of yogic philosophy.

Photo of Phoebe Kiddo by Einar Snorri 


Each module is a holistic experience where you will learn across all layers of our yoga teacher training including asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, teaching skills and anatomy. Each has a different theme that reflects the yogic principals.


Kapha Module

June 3-8th 2019

Cultivate and express the inner vision of your own heart through teaching.  

Explore energy, creativity, ayurvedic and yogic systems for understanding inner and outer flow. Learn about the anatomy of movement, creative sequencing, structuring classes, transitions, safe & mindful cueing, adjustments and relationships. We'll explore the ayurvedic principles of Vata.


Pitta Module

June 10-15th

Step into the body as a basis for self study and universal connection. Our winter retreat invites us journey within to explore the ayurvedic quality of kapha, heat and grounding though our practice.  

Learn mindfulness of the body, yamas & niyamas, sutras, the anatomy of stability & mobility, and skills to remain centred in your practice & teaching. 


Vata Module

June 17th-22nd

Experience physical, personal and universal alignment through the lens of yoga. 

Empowered, our natural state is one of ease, openness, health, and contentment.  

Delve into illuminating your own potential and that of your students. Learn to be, move, speak, guide and practice with mindfulness, ease and balance even in the face of challenge. We'll unite with the ayurvedic principles of Pita.

Ready to become a mindful yoga teacher?


200 Hours, Modular Structure 

The Modules

Each 1-month intensive is a wholistic and complete learning experience in and of itself, that is open to all yoga students including those wishing to deepen personal practice and those inspired to teach.  

We are an Yoga Alliance accredited yoga school.

The Mentorship

We believe that mentorship and community provide the aspiring teacher a platform to safely explore the boundaries of teaching while benefiting from support, structure and experience. 

One-on-one time with our teaching team is space to develop your own voice and find your unique perspective on the learning materials.


The online learning modules include face to face meetings, readings, assignments and video lectures that allow integration and expansion on the retreat learnings. 

Stay connected with your cohort and our teaching team between retreats through our online learning platform.  

Self Study 

Self study or Svadhyaya is the fourth Niyama of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and has the potential to deepen our yoga practice beyond the mat. 

Knowing and honouring our own vision, voice and process means finding nourishing ways to practice and teach that stem from authentic understanding and experience.



Phoebe Kiddo

A life long inquiry into the nature of mind, and the human condition has seen Phoebe study, practice and explore many wisdom traditions from yoga and mindfulness, to buddhism, shamanism and more. 

Having been touched personally by the power of meditation and yoga as deeply healing practices, Phoebe was drawn to teaching, and since 2007 has been guiding vigorous, mindful and creative vinyasa yoga classes and teacher trainings.

Phoebe is the founder of The Dream Haus mindfulness studio in Berlin. She runs Meditation Teacher Trainings (inc. MBSR) in both Europe and Australia. 


Rebecca Halls

A scientific mind with an artistic and playful soul, Rebecca Halls is a yoga & GYROTONIC® instructor straddling LA & Vancouver, currently studying at the Canadian College of Osteopathy. She holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University Montreal. 

In 2012 she founded the Hoopurbia Festival which has attracted students and hoop artists from around the world to locations such as Berlin, Prague and LA. She has led international yoga retreats in Greece, Iceland and the Americas, and is featured as a yoga instructor on Refinery29 for her 10-part series “Bend it Like Beka” which explores the chakras in practice. 

Intensity, rhythm, breath awareness and mindfulness combine to make her classes accessible and fun. You can be confident that she will ensure that you practice safely when following her lead. Rebecca encourages students to be curious about their own bodies, equipping them with awareness for safe practice at all levels, even challenging inversions and transitions. Studying yoga with Rebecca will highlight your body’s magnificent anatomy in motion. 


Lisa Milloy

What began as heartfelt, living room dance performances evolved to become a lifelong inquiry into the body – both in movement and in dynamic stillness. Lisa has turned her knowledge and experience into practice. She travels throughout Europe and Canada skillfully teaching movement classes and workshops, as well as her inspiring approach to Functional Anatomy & Physiology, Biomechanics, and Holistic Bodywork.  

She supports her students in developing an attitude of kindness and curiosity towards their bodies. Her teachings are rooted in her strong background in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and dance. They combine subtle somatic awareness with full-body conditioning, and slow, mindful, connective tissue release techniques.  

Always on the quest for new knowledge, Lisa is currently studying to become a Gyrotonic® Trainer and a Biodynamic Cardiovascular Therapist. She is the founder of Holistic Bodywork Berlin, where she currently offers Myofascial Release, Biodynamic Craniosacral, Massage Therapy and Remedial Exercise treatments.

Empowered, our natural state is one of ease, openness, health, and contentment.

All Photos by Einar Snorri 

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